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Calling all football fans, young and old – we have a village asset that is not being used and which has been neglected and overgrown. Your village football pitch needs you. If you are interested in resuscitating this facility AND making regular use if it, either for general kick-arounds or organised games, please register below.

If we can muster up enough support we might be able to justify the initial expenditure required to bring it back to life; and then continue to maintain it if enough of us carry on using it regularly!

The football pitch is located about 400 yards out of the village along New Road (the road that leads out to Bourton) on the right. It has been generously made available by Eastbrook Farm for our use.

Please can you provide feedback on this proposal by registering with the site and commenting below in the “Leave a Reply” box …

16 thoughts on “Football Pitch

  1. If the pitch could be sorted out (holes filled, grass properly cut) and the goals refurbished (new nets) then I think people (including myself and my son Martin) would use it regularly for kick-arounds. It would be good to get some sort of village football team up and running too.

  2. This sounds a great idea – it could become a focal point for youngsters from Bishopstone as well as Hinton, Bourton and Idstone – who we should also welcome.

  3. I would be interested in making regular use of a football pitch with my children aged 6,10,13 and 15 as well as with like minded dads for a kick around. I would also have access to machinery to help with the upkeep (I work at Eastbrook).

  4. I would happily volunteer to help maintain this facility and would encourage my kids to use it too. And providing no-one with any football skills is watching, I may even kick a ball around there myself!!

  5. A lovely idea. I have heard it was used for an after school club activity a while ago, and if it can be maintained, it would be a great asset to have. Perhaps even Bishopstone school could make use of it for sports?
    I think it would really benefit the local villages to have such an area for a focal point and also bring people together who may not have met before.

    • Yes, Christine used to run an after-school football club for the school; they played matches against Bourton and often entered local 5 a side tournaments. When our children moved up to Ridgeway Christine naturally gave up running the club and unfortunately no one else wanted to take over. But that’s what it needs – someone who can commit to it on a weekly basis for much of the year. Ian

  6. I would be happy to make use of my football qualifications and coaching background to deliver some soccer skills for all age groups. Maybe to encourage local youths from local areas to visit too!

  7. Great idea – we have three young boys who love football (& who would love to play football with Colin!), & I’m sure Dad can be persuaded to help out too.

  8. As nice as it is for the children from Bishopstone school to visit Hillsborough day nursery for the weekly coaching sessions that I run, it could be that we use the field as a coaching area instead. I would be happy to organise some dads and lads/ dads and daughters soccer skills events to on a weekend! Colin

  9. I think this would be great for the village, and would be very happy to help out with maintenance/coaching sessions

  10. Following the meeting at Andy’s last week, we’d like to confirm that we are definitely committed to working towards revitalising and maintaining the football pitch and Colin is still interested in coaching.
    Colin and Susan, Hillsborough After School Club

  11. Thanks guys for the hosting the initial meeting about restoring and using the football pitch last week.
    I am confident that between us, we can effectively manage all aspects of this project and look forward to taking our first few steps.

  12. Dear all. After a mixed summer of sunshine, rain, grazing by sheep and the odd camper our forgotten football pitch is now ready to be stirred back in to action. Andy and I have recently undertaken a pitch inspection and there is perhaps less remedial work required than might have been feared at first. We think the following needs doing:-

    – Fill any small holes with topsoil – suggest 5-10 bags from garden centre as they are often on offer
    – Heavy roller – does the farm have one?
    – White lining – I recall someone had access to a white lining machine. Was it Hillsborough Nursery?
    – Paint goalposts – 1 tin of white metal paint
    – Fit new nets – the PC will fund and source these along with pegs and flag posts
    – Sign for entrance – needs designing and erecting. The PC will fund this subject to a cost being provided first

    Can those of you that remain interested in taking on the management of this facility and/or helping with these works please let us know asap. We can then arrange to meet in The Oak and get things moving. You might want to give some thought as to who might be willing to take a lead role on the management team etc

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Many thanks.

    Ian Thomas and Andy Greenhalgh
    Bishopstone Parish Council

    • I’m still happy to help out with any of the things on the list as I think it’s a great idea. I’m a graphic designer by trade so happy to help with the sign too. One thing that springs to mind from taking a look up there last Autumn, the drainage might be an issue over the wetter months. If there is enough interest to arrange a meeting at The Oak, count me in.

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