Why a service ?

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It’s easy to explain why you should regularly service your garden equipment. You wouldn’t keep driving your car without changing the oil occasionally, not wash and polish it when it gets dirty and not change the tyres when worn. Your mower, strimmer or chainsaw should be no different – regular maintenance will keep your investment going and keep your garden tidy.

Petrol powered lawn mowers and trimmers take their share of abuse during the warm months, so some care at the end of the season or at the start of spring is vital to keeping their parts in good working condition. Replacing the oil, spark plugs, air filters and applying a bit of elbow grease to grimy recesses, preferably before storing them for the winter, will ensure that they rev up with a pull of the cord next season. Sharpening blades will also help get the best out of your machines when the grass starts to grow again or the hedge needs a trim.

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