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  1. Remembering Joan and Les Morris, Bishopstone, Wiltshire

    Sixty-four years ago I was a young USAF airman stationed at RAF Fairford. I met a local girl, Maureen Stone, who was a recent graduate of Notre Dame High School in Northampton. I had an identical background in Northampton, Massachusetts so we hit it off when we met dancing at the Majestic on Saturday nights. Long story short we married and came back to Swindon as often as possible to visit family and friends.
    Over twenty years ago Maureen reconnected to her Euclid Street School classmate, Joan Burroughs, who was married to Les Morris and living in Bishopstone. The two picked up their friendship in minutes and we were made welcome whenever we came by, right up to a few years ago. Since then Joan passed on, and, sadly, our friend Les died on Christmas Day 2017.
    Les had sung with SALOP and the talented pair of them was in love with theatre as fans and performers. Les will long be remembered for his unique homemade cinema in a cottage featured in the Swindon Advertiser on May 31, 2011. May God rest this wonderful Wiltshire couple.


    Ask not how we found them.
    Nor, by what path we arrived.
    What counts are warm receptions:
    Hugs, food and tea—materialize!
    In Bishopstone resides true hearts,
    Les & Joan, upon their natural stage.
    Music & films only hint at love; here it
    Springs in torrents. Stereo. Wide Screen.
    Two strangers we were, but for a minute,
    Afore a Wiltshire welcome drove the days.
    Americans gifted again to glimpse heaven’s
    Fond miniature: garden, pond, pets, Ye Olde
    Kinema: perfection a la Post Cottage. Once a
    Village shop, now a home—atop Eden’s fair isle.

    To Les, Joan & Lynn Morris—With gratitude for the countless
    Times that you’ve taken Maureen and me into your hearts and your Bishopstone, Wiltshire home. August 2002.

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