Bishopstone & Hinton Parva amdram society presents:
Habeas Corpus a play by Alan Bennett

Where: Bishopstone Village Hall
When: Wednesday 28th November – Saturday 1st December
The Royal Oak remains the gossipy hub of the latest incarnation of the Bishopstone and Hinton Parva Amateur Dramatic Society, with various unlikely characters from Habeus Corpus pretending to be someone else as they quaff their Carling or their Peroni or their Arkells. The tiny Tom Green, about to embark on a Congolese adventure, puffing happily on fat cigars as he moves easily into the role of Sir Percy, president of the BMA; the luscious Lorna Turner as the permanently semi naked and expectant Felicity, brought up in Africa, makes an incongruous sight, but a truly great one; the entire cast is awaiting the first appearance of High Street and retail queen Liz Warrick as the redoubtable Lady Rumpers, whom it turns out had an illicit and rather blacked out affair with…. you will find out. Not Nick Andrews, I can assure you, who is well fitted to the role of false breast salesman and tweaker. From the dark heart of Hinton Parva comes Val Brodin, as the deeply sexually frustrated Muriel, a role she appears to thrive on; Clair Foster as the shy and retiring Connie whose confidence is boosted by various appliances at £2.50 each; Jonathon Boon, as the slightly perverted vicar, and Alex O’Neill, from various parishes, scampering between susceptible women pretending to be ill. Oh yes, and the landlord of The Royal Oak forcing everyone to take some of their clothes off, even when they’ve just popped in for a drink. Don’t Miss Out.. Book your tickets now!!!

Tickets £6 from The Royal Oak: 790481 or Mogs Boon: 790626

Sponsored by Helen Browning at the Royal Oak

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