Duck answers

Many thanks to all of you who took part in the first ever bishopstone duck hunt. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Extra special thanks to all the  school children (and parents) that helped make the delirious drakes.


1st prize – Pat Fowler

2nd prize – Thalia Cooper

Childrens prize – Tabby Green

Best duck – Isaac Burbidge


     Main trail                     Childrens trail

1) Donald Duck                  Mama Miribelle

2) Grand old Duck of York                  Sponge Bob Square Pants

3)Eider                    Old Jack

4) Scrooge Mc Duck   Iggle Piggle

5) Mallard                   Lazy Town

6) Ant and Duck                  Dora the explorer

7) Ducktor Frankenstein  Rastamouse

8) Ducktor Who      Clangers

9) Suducko                                Big Cook Little Cook

10)Duck the Engine                       Fifi and the Flower Tots

11) Daffy Duck                Mickey Mouse

12) Duck Maul                  Mike the Knight

13) Ducktor Jekyll and Mr Hyde          Teletubbies

14) Lucky Duck    Kipper

15) Mandarin Duck   Smurfette

16) Peking Duck         Daffy Duck

17) Duck Turpin     Pikachu

18) Rubber Duck          Peter Rabbit

19) James Pond       Mr Maker

20) Mighty Ducks              Koala Brothers

21) The Ugly Duckling         Kung Foo Panda

22) Duck Tape          Peppa Pig

23) Ducks of Hazard    Postman Pat

24) Count Duckula                                                             The Furchester hotel ( Elmo & Cookie monster)

25) Ducktor Dolittle                   Sonic the Hedgehog

26) Jemima Puddleduck                   Thomas the Tank Engine

27) Duck of Wellington       Brum

28) Daisy Duck                  Rupert the Bear

29) Bob the Billder             Topsey and Tim

30) Robber Duck                             Granny Murrey (Me Too)

31) Count Ducku           The Wombles

32) Duckula         Popeye

33) Duckbilled Platypus      Backyardigans

34) Duck Martens (punk duck)      Scoobie Doo

35) Duck Whittington       Timmy

36) Pato                   Balamory

37) Duck Dastardly           Charlie and Lola

38) Duck Vader                                    Aunty Mabel (come outside)


Out for a Duck No 5)

Ducktor No, Thunderbill, Moondraker and A view to a bill for No 19)

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