Annual Bishopstone & District Gardening Club Show

Calling all …

Gardeners galore; Devotees of delicious double crust apple tarts; Picture perfect (or not perfect) photographers;  Handicraft hobbits, and especially the Younger Generation,

Grow, arrange, make, bake, photograph or create something amazing for the:

Annual Bishopstone & District Gardening Club Show, Saturday 12th September at 3.00pm at Bishopstone Village Hall

There will be tea and cake and some of the produce and flowers will be auctioned. If you would like to take part, you are all welcome, newcomers and old enthusiasts alike. In fact, anyone living within a 10 mile radius of Bishopstone.


Encourage the little ones to paint and bake (see Schedule, recipe sheet and Entry form attached). For children, this year’s painting category is ‘My Favourite Toy’.


Good luck!


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