Hinton Living Van Restoration & Open Day

These photos are of a ‘Living Van’ that was home to the gang who operated the local steam ploughs.

This van is currently being restored by John Errington at Toby Ford’s barn.

web van 1 web van 4 web van 3 web van 2

There will be an article in the March newsletter with much more information but if anyone would like to see this van in person an Open Weekend is planned on the 12th/13th March. So please pop along and explore this unique piece of our local heritage.

Open weekend :

Home Farm, Hinton between 10.00am – 4.00pm on the 12th or 13th March
Contact Details: John Errington 792 973 or Toby Ford 790 264.

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2 thoughts on “Hinton Living Van Restoration & Open Day

  1. Hi my name is Mike brook I’m interested in the living van restoration because I’m going to start one of my own I have a fowler van still in very good condition used by a road crew many years ago door in end I was wondering if I could come and have a look at yours it mite give me some information on the van and some better ideas of where to start I live in Oxford Or you might like to have a look at this one hear thaks mike 07958734109 01865343457

    • Hi, I have a lovely set of original living van wheels in excellent condition with axles, turntable and related other woodwork. If you or anyone else is interested please contact me on 07501 486357. Based in the New Forest Thanks Phil

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