Vicars Letter June 2017

Dear Friends and Neighbours

As we come to the end of another football season we can reflect on some of the good matches and on where we have found ourselves in the league. Thoughts will also turn to what the future might bring. Back in the day, in certain towns and cities it was not unusual to see some of our heroes from the football league appearing in white for the county cricket team. There was a pride in representing the local area and in giving our family, friends and neighbours something to shout about.

Last year saw the Swindon 175 celebrations. A time to mark the birth of Swindon and so much that has been achieved by this town since then. Some have said that history is pointless unless you can learn from it. History is also a place where we can draw great motivation. In the same way as we will never know what’s possible unless we give it a go, the fact that we have gone on to achieve so much by stepping into the unknown is a point also worth bearing in mind. Heroes of a non-sporting kind are very much a part of our history too.

For nearly half of Swindon’s existence a lady called Jean Kent lived and worked and brought up a family in this part of the world. She supported her husband, loved the countryside and loved to sing. Jean was the back bone of our efforts to give thanks and praise to God in the Church Choir of one particular church; and helped it through the changes and challenges that amalgamation brought with it in later years. No stranger to the Wyvern Jean contributed to the dramatic side of life too. Last year we celebrated Jeans ninetieth Birthday together with her two boys. One has taken some of Swindon’s technical heritage to Canada where he lives and works as an electrical engineer.

The other carry’s the baton of Jeans love of music and stage. The fact that he works in a caring profession is another indication of the kind of inheritance that Jean has passed on. Jeans faith was very important to her and she was still singing with the church choir at Evensong until only a few weeks ago. With Jeans passing, there is a gap in the choir stalls that will forever be treasured. Heroes are formed when they make the seemingly impossible possible. They can appear in every walk of life and are a God given gift to inspire us all. There will be some heroics in examination rooms in our schools and colleges over the next few weeks and so we pray for them and all who are caring from them too.

With best wishes and prayers