WI Grand Auction

Womens Institute Grand Auction – All Welcome

Wiltshire WIs are hosting a Grand Auction of goods and promises on Saturday 19th August at Lavington School SN10 4EB (near Devizes). Hundreds of lots are up for sale including silver, bone china, Bristol blue glass and art work, as well as free vouchers generously donated by Wiltshire businesses. Chippenham auctioneer Gordon Brockman will officiate and has generously waived his fee. Viewing from 11.00am; Auction starts at 2.00pm. The Auction Catalogue may be viewed on the Wiltshire Federation’s Facebook page:  Type in: “Wiltshire WI Auction” and there is a click link in the second post down. All of  the auction proceeds will go to support the upkeep of Denman College, the WI’s own educational college located at Marcham, Oxfordshire. Denman embodies one of the key aims of the Womens Institute – to advance the education of women and girls.  Today Denman is open to WI members, non-members and men; around 11,000 people attend courses there each year.

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    • Hi Juliet,
      Please see the original email request below from the WI with email contact details.
      Best regards,

      From: djmhighbury11@aol.com
      Sent: 27 July 2017 01:39 PM
      To: agreenha@gmail.com

      Hello Andy

      I am the Chairman of the Wiltshire County Federation of Womens Institutes. I live in Ashbury and belong to Bishopstone with Hinton Parva WI, where I served as President for 3 years. I write to ask a favour please.

      All WI County Federations are organising special events to raise funds to support the upkeep of Denman College, which is the WIs own educational establishment located at Marcham in Oxfordshire (not far from where we live). Denman is open to WI members, non member, women and men and around 11,000 people attend courses there each year.
      The Wiltshire County Federation’s special event is a Grand Auction of Goods and Promises that will take place in August at Lavington School. I am an administrator for the Ashbury web site and have just posted a hot topic about the auction on our front page.

      It would be wonderful if you could please agree to upload the same post to the Bishopstone and Hinton Parva web site so that we reach more local people. I have taken the liberty of pasting my text below.

      With grateful thanks for considering this request.

      Kind regards


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