Hinton Living Van Restoration & Open Day

These photos are of a ‘Living Van’ that was home to the gang who operated the local steam ploughs.

This van is currently being restored by John Errington at Toby Ford’s barn.

web van 1 web van 4 web van 3 web van 2

There will be an article in the March newsletter with much more information but if anyone would like to see this van in person an Open Weekend is planned on the 12th/13th March. So please pop along and explore this unique piece of our local heritage.

Open weekend :

Home Farm, Hinton between 10.00am – 4.00pm on the 12th or 13th March
Contact Details: John Errington 792 973 or Toby Ford 790 264.

Alfred Williams Heritage Society Centenary Event – May 19th Uffington Memorial Hall

My name is Caroline Ockwell and I am the Secretary of the Alfred Williams Heritage Society. We were formed in Swindon in 2009 to promote the life and works of local author and poet, Alfred Williams (1877 to 1930), known as the Hammerman Poet. In 1913 Alfred Williams (AW) published his book entitled “Villages of the White Horse” where AW describes the villages/hamlets situated in the beautiful Vale of the White Horse and some of the characters living there, producing an excellent account of life in the Vale exactly a century ago.


We are celebrating the book’s centenary by holding an event at the Thomas Hughes Memorial Hall in Uffington on the afternoon of Sunday 19 May 2013 and we should be very grateful if you would be willing to spread the word about the celebrations through your Parish Councils. The celebrations will include short readings about each of the locations mentioned in the book and we would be interested to hear from anyone from any of those places who is willing to deliver the reading for their particular village/hamlet. The places featured in the book are as follows:

Bassett Down, Wroughton, Burderop, Hodson, Chiseldon, Badbury, Liddington Hill, Wanborough, Hinton Parva, Bishopstone, Idstone, Bourton, Aldbourne, Baydon, Ashbury, Kingstone Winslow, Compton Beauchamp, Wayland’s Smithy, Knighton, Woolstone, Uffington, Kingston Lisle and White Horse Hill.

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Hinton Parva & Bishopstone in WW1 – an historical commemorative village website

Hinton Parva & Bishopstone in WW1

Lest We Forget …….

This website is part of a project by the villages of Hinton Parva and Bishopstone in Wiltshire to research and commemorate those village residents who fought in the Great War of 1914 – 18. Sixteen men did not survive, others returned scarred by their experiences, all deserve to be remembered.

Our aim is to have a detailed publication ready to mark the centenary of the start of World War One in August 1914 covering, amongst other things:

Life in the villages in the lead-up to hostilities
Biographies of our WW1 military residents
Their regimental experiences
1920 and beyond

For more information click on the Hinton Parva & Bishopstone in WW1 website.

If you have any information, photos or artifacts to contribute, we would be delighted to hear from you.

Paul Williams: hintonparva@talktalk.net

Karin Thompson: karinmthompson@aol.com