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The Parish Times for August is now available on the parish website at Please note the request for people to validate their pledges for fibre vouchers only applies to a small number of postcodes (114 addresses) where we discovered no-one has any plans to install fibre. The people needing to validate know who they are as they have already pledged. If you are not one of these, someone, somewhere already has plans to bring fibre to you, probably under BT's Universal Service Obligation. We can't find out any more than that at this time but will share information as it emerges. ... See MoreSee Less
URGENT ACTION NEEDED TO VALIDATE FIBRE BROADBAND PLEDGESA small but absolutely critical number of residents have still not validated their government vouchers. We need every single one validated to meet the cost of installing the network. Please spread the word!The missing validations are:Hinton Parva 3 residential and 1 businessBishopstone 5 residential and 2 businessesReminders have been sent by text and email to all eleven this morning. Please check your email and phone and validate now if you haven't yet done so. The email it will come from is and the text message sender usually shows as Gigabit Voucher or DCMS.We need the vouchers validating immediately or we are in danger of losing the scheme. The deadline is 5pm on Friday 12th August.Because of data protection law Openreach can't even tell us the postcodes where these addresses are located - which is extremely frustrating!! Please, spread the word to your friends and neighbours, particularly any who may not be on social media.Any questions or concerns please contact or phone her on 791949. ... See MoreSee Less