Climate Change

Thinking of Solar Panels ?

A 4kWp array of solar panels on a domestic south facing roof can produce 4000 units of electricity a year and save many tonnes of CO2 over their lifetime. Hinton Parva has almost 100kW installed across the village saving over 50 tonnes of CO2 per year. Bishopstone has about a quarter of this capacity, and is also helping to combat climate change.

Anyone considering solar panels in the Bishopstone conservation area, should note that the Parish Council initiated an Article 4 planning restriction that was implemented in March 2015, and reviewed in April 2022. This article removes permitted development rights for roof mounted solar panels (PV and thermal). This does not mean that solar panels are not permitted, it just means that a planning application has to be submitted to Swindon Borough Council (Fees Apply) to determine the effects on the conservation area.