Fly-tipping and litter

As the cost of disposing of waste has increased and the hours that the Swindon recycling depot have decreased, the number of incidents of Fly-tipping in the Parish has increased significantly.

You can help.

Please report any piles of rubbish directly to Swindon Borough Council. You will need to login to your account. Their clean up service is excellent and it will all be gone within a few days, and they will also go through it looking for evidence to identify the owner of the rubbish. Apparently it is the owner’s responsibility as much as the person who dumped it.

Litter pickers.

The parish council has 12 sets of litter pickers with gloves and bags. If you can organise a few people to pick litter for a couple of hours, the parish council will supply all the kit and organise for the bags to be collected. Just let us know where and when and it will be delivered.