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Annual Parish Meeting Monday 13th MayAt 7pm it's the annual parish meeting before the parish council meeting which starts at 7.30pm.The annual parish meeting is a legal formality giving residents an opportunity to come together to raise any matters of concern in the parish.Bishopstone Parish Council also gives residents this facility at the start of every monthly meeting. See MoreSee Less
Fibre updateOpenreach contractors were in Hinton Parva today trying to fix the damaged conduit to allow the fibre to be pulled through. Progress is being made. See MoreSee Less
Councillor Cooke was out this morning shifting the worst piles of debris from yesterday’s apocalyptic downpour and clearing gravel away from gullies. Thank you so much Julian!Body Horse Hill is badly damaged so take care – it has been reported to SBC with a request for urgent help. See MoreSee Less
Not a mains water leak in Hinton ParvaThames Water has told us that the water constantly running down the street near Hinton Parva Village Hall is almost certainly from a spring.Thames workers have tested the water and it contains no chlorine, which it would if it were a leak from the main.Quite a few new springs have sprung up around the parish as a result of the heavy rainfall in recent months and will presumably dry up when the weather warms up. See MoreSee Less
Fibre updateThe road works required for Openreach to complete the fibre installation in Hinton Parva and going towards Bishopstone have been brought forward, thanks to ongoing pressure from the parish council and intervention by our Ward Councillor Gary Sumner.Work will recommence on 18th March. There will be road closures at Church Row and Hatchett Hill, Hinton Parva, between 18-22 March to enable these works to take place. See MoreSee Less